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Whether you buy a house or an apartment depends as much on what you can afford as it does on your personal preferences and requirements.

There really isn’t a right or wrong answer, it depends on you and your circumstances.

In this article we take a look at the pros and cons of both...

Why apartments are awesome

Usually cheaper than a house so if you are on a modest budget an apartment won't break the bank. Click here for prices of Costa del Sol apartments.

Much easier way of life –  You'll have access to outside space and facilities like swimming pools, gymnasium and tennis courts without having to worry about maintaining them.

Apartments can offer more security as complexes will often be gated with security codes to enter and may offer an on-site concierge.

Apartment living usually costs you less for heating and cooling, and utilities such as water and electricity. This can help with budgeting.

Community living means you will have lots of neighbours and get to know and make new friends with a lot of people which will help instil a sense of inclusion and belonging.

Why apartments can suck

Generally smaller than the average house. While this means you’ve less space to clean, that’s only a small consolation for less living space.

You can’t make much in the way of changes to your place – no extensions, loft conversions,etc

Tend not to have any ‘unique selling points’ so your place is a bit of a commodity when it comes time to sell.

Some home buyers will love living close to neighbours and having annual Christmas parties but if you relish your own space, are worried about noise, a house may be the better option.

Community fees – You’ll have to pay a monthly community fee for the maintenance of shared, communal spaces such as swimming pools, tennis courts, green spaces, stairwells and general cleaning costs. Click here to understand more about running costs.

Why houses are awesome

More privacy and not sharing any common parts with other people.

You can make the place you own without anyone else’s permission – including extending and expanding the property potentially adding significant value when you do.

You’ll probably have your own private garden and outside area for your exclusive use.

No community fees or community AGMs to worry about.

You are in control of maintaining the building to the standard you want.

More potential for capital growth.

Will appeal to a wider group of buyers when it comes time to sell.

Why houses can suck

Generally, more expensive to buy and run than an apartment.

You are responsible for the maintenance of the entire property, garden and pool.

Boring things like clearing the gutters are your responsibility.

You’ve got fewer neighbours and can feel detached from the local community.

Houses tend to be further away from all the lively stuff than apartments.