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Thinking of Selling?

Useful tips to help you sell your home


Setting a realistic price is often the key to generating viewings but not the 'be all and end all' to selling your home.

It is also important to make sure your property is presented properly, have professional photographs, be flexible for visits and have all your documentation up to date .

Here are our top tips to help you sell your property in the shortest time frame and for the highest amount possible.

Price & Time Frame

Setting the correct price can be one of the most important parts of the selling process. We know you want to achieve the best possible price for your property, and so do we! However, setting the price too high will deter potential buyers, but set it too low and you are potentially throwing money away.

We recommend positioning your price in line with other similar properties in the market, after all, these are your competition. We'll share recent sales data with you to help you decide on a realistic price and make an informed decision.

A property marketed at the right price, is a property soon sold.


Most of our customers are looking to buy into "a lifestyle" and the Costa del Sol is ideal because of the climate, food, leisure facilities, beaches and especially the sun.

With this in mind, you can help us to sell this lifestyle by following these 4 simple tips:

Correct lighting: Light is king! Illuminating your home correctly is fundamental. Increasing natural light during the day is easy, just make sure all the blinds are raised, rejas (security grills) are opened as well as any curtains you may have. Rooms with less natural light can be compensated with artificial lighting. Avoiding dark fabrics on beds and sofas is also a very good suggestion. White or light-coloured walls and furniture are clearly a safe bet, as they add freshness to a space.

Fix the damage: Fix those little imperfections that have been niggling you for ages - doors that do not close properly, leaky taps, minor cracks … these are not a big investment, and are details that are often noticed and commented upon by buyers. You can only make a first impression once, so make sure the entrance to your property is tidy and well-kempt. If the front door looks a little tired, freshen it up with a coat of paint.

De-clutter: To give a greater feeling of spaciousness, avoid hoarding too much clutter. We know this is often easier said than done, but too many items and furniture in your rooms drains the light and can overwhelm the space, making the property look much smaller than it actually is. Some fresh flowers in a nice vase or a bowl of fruit are also easy fixes to make the most of your presentation.

Cleanliness: Perform a thorough clean of the property, paying special attention to the kitchen and the bathroom. Prevent odours with good ventilation, candles or air fresheners. If you have pets leave them outside during visits.

Photographs & Video

With the vast number of properties for sale currently offered on the market, if you want your home to stand out, it is very important that your photos make the property appear as attractive as possible. Our team will take professional photographs and an engaging video walkthrough when we market your property initially, and if you make any changes, it is advisable to inform us so we can take new photos and update details.

Flexibility for viewings

The first step to a sale is introducing potential buyers through the door and to do that we need access, so please try to be as flexible as you can to accommodate viewings. Potential buyers can often feel like they are imposing on you if you are present during the viewing, so if you can take a short walk around the block whilst we are showing your property, do so - it helps the buyers to relax and take their time. If you are not in Spain or don't live at the property then please leave us a set of keys or let us know where we can collect them so we don't have to refuse potential viewings in your absence.


We will need the following paperwork and documentation:

  • Photocopy of Passport or NIE
  • Photocopy of Nota Simple
  • Photocopy of Escritura
  • Photocopy of Energy Certificate
  • Photocopy of the last IBI and Basura receipts
  • Photocopy of the last payment receipt for Community Fees
  • Photocopy of the last Electricity and Water Bills

We can help you to obtain any documents you don't have to hand.

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